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Paras Investments, the customer oriented company have specialization in all financial services such as insurance, investments, loans & stock market which helps you to manage your portfolio very efficiently. We offer you a wide range of financial products from different reputed government & private sector companies. Paras Investments is a one stop point for you where most of your financial needs are fulfilled.

We focused over our relationship with the clients by giving them personal attention. We are very transparent in all our services which is our strong point to make long term relationship with our customers.

Latest news

  • Invest just Rs. 2000 per month in LIC and get Rs. 4.25 LAKHS & 16.03 LAKHS after 10 & 20 years with a starting risk cover of 10 LAKHS from the first day

  • Invest in DEBT FUNDS and get returs upto 12% with 100% liquidity and no market risk

  • Get Health Insurance cover of 8 LAKHS just in RS.3033/- for one Person